Rockstar Moment.

So… I had a rockstar moment just a week ago. When I say rockstar moment, what I mean is “I felt like a rockstar.”

If you knew what I do in my job, you’d be confused. To be honest, even I am. I don’t have a specific job description. I just do whatever… literally.

Anyway, so we have this event next year and we decided we’d make a song that we would send out to all the (kids) participants so they would sing it on the day of the event. I made the song and sent it out to some of the kids for them to learn for a week. 

Last week, we asked them to sing the song and man, it sounded pretty awesome. I’m not saying the song is awesome. What I mean is to hear it being sung by those kids, it felt great like, “Ahh I made this and they’re singing it!!” The feeling is just so overwhelming and overall GREAT!

YEAHHHH! It is a natural source of high that just makes you feel significant. It’s a feeling that needs to be felt by everyone every once in a while. I encourage everyone to find that special thing that makes one feel important in this world, no matter how big or small that is. 



With the upcoming presidential elections in this country, everyone seems to be pretty hyped up especially since there are only two parties to choose from. The competition is pretty much head to head so most of the voters have already chosen a side, with each side trying to convert more and more members from one party to the other. This battle has become as exciting as the FINALS of the World Cup, if not more exciting. However, with politics comes dirty tricks and ways to sway the people’s perception and opinion. This election is in no way free from those.

The most significant lesson I learned about this whole thing is – THE MEDIA IS POWERFUL. If we want to find out what is happening with the world, normally we watch the news, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, browse the internet, etc. Whatever we see, whatever we hear, we believe is true. How true, we can’t tell. You may say, obviously, you have to check if the source is credible. How do you find out if the source is credible though? Just because the news “sounds” true, that doesn’t make it true, now does it? Just because the source is a very well known establishment, that doesn’t mean everything they say is true.

For example: depending on what television channel you are tuned in to, you would see all good things about one candidate and all bad things from the other. Is this fair? Is this ethical? Being a news program, one has to be free from bias. Putting personal feelings aside, one must be able to deliver the unaltered facts. Lay down all the information on the table, good or bad for both parties and let the people decide for themselves. Stop telling people what to think, rather, teach them HOW to think.

Seeing as how media has played such a big part in forming the people’s opinions about things, it makes me wonder – how much of the information I know are actually true and how much are just mere manipulations of the media?