Ever tried online shopping? Don’t, if you don’t wanna recklessly spend money on things you don’t really need.

Online shopping is the perfect solution for lazy people (like me) and introverts (like me). It’s fast, easy and it significantly reduces social interaction (bonus!). It hurts my wallet though. It is too convenient and addictive for my own good.




I was invited to watch a movie by a bunch of friends. This rarely happens so imagine my excitement. “What movie are we going to watch?” I asked them. “ANNABELLE.”

“Oh. No thank you, then.”

Yes, I get scared of horror movies. Not because I’m a screamer or anything. You would not hear a sound from me when watching movies, may it be horror or what not. I don’t even scream on rollercoasters. I just don’t like horror movies. Period.

Horror movies with ghosts in particular. I can watch a slasher movie or a monster movie. Just not the ones with ghosts in it. Why, you ask? Because my imagination runs too wild for my own good. I scare myself more than the movie can ever do. I guess that’s the purpose of most horror movies but heck, why in the world would I want to put myself through that torture? Make myself sleepless for days just for the sake of watching a movie? I can totally watch any horror movie if you promise my memory of it would get erased as soon as I finish watching. Until then, no, thank you.