[MOVIE] The Little Death.

little_death_xlgThis movie took me by surprise not because I was expecting it to be bad and then it turned out to be good but more because I was not expecting the main theme to be as such.

The Little Death” turns out to mean “orgasm” and this movie basically shows different types of fetishes people have when it comes to sexual encounters, no matter how weird or unusual it may be. I was amused and at times flabbergasted at the absurdity of their preferences but hey, we’re all weird in some level.

We are taken into the lives of 5 pairings within a neighbourhood, all in the process of exploring their own sexual desires and at times struggling to come to terms with it and admitting it to their partners.

“Masochism – sexual gratification from humiliation, pain and suffering”

Paul & Maeve – Maeve tells her long-time partner, Paul, of her sexual fantasy – to be raped. Apparently, it’s a common thing to have a fantasy of being raped by someone. Throughout the movie, Paul devises ways to enact a rape scene just to please Maeve.

“Roleplay Fetishism – sexual arousal by pretending to be someone else”

Dan & Evie – During a session with their therapist, Dan & Evie voice out their sexual frustrations with each other. Their therapist then suggests for them to try something new – Role Play. He encourages them to pretend to be someone else while engaging in a sexual act just to keep the romance alive. Much to their surprise, this seems to work for the both of them. But Dan takes it a bit too seriously when Evie comments that he played his role too well that he should become an actor.

“Dacryphilia – sexual pleasure in seeing someone cry”

Rowena & Richard – This couple has been trying to conceive for years but much to their disappointment and bad luck, they have not been successful. Rowena seeks the guidance of her doctor and she is told that it might help if both of “climax” while trying to conceive. She is in a dilemma since she has not climaxed ever since she got married. At home, Richard receives a devastating phone call informing him of his dad’s death. He cries in front of Rowena and as she comforts him, she realizes that she is aroused by her husband’s crying. In attempts to make her husband cry, she randomly brings up Richard’s late father during conversations, kidnaps his dog, Roxy, and misleads him into believing she has cancer.

“Somnophilia – sexual arousal from watching a person sleep”

Phil & Maureen – Phil is given strong sleeping pills by his boss to help him sleep in the evening to prevent him from dozing off at work. His wife, Maureen, accidentally takes the pills with tea. She immediately dozes off and falls into a deep sleep that nothing could wake her up until the next morning. Phil eventually drugs his wife to sleep every evening and treats her with massages, dresses, cosmetics, etc. without her even knowing what is going on. One day, Phil comes home with Maureen fuming in anger, accusing him of cheating on her after seeing their bank statement with various purchases for cosmetics and women’s clothing. Phil admits that he is having an affair and lies that she is someone who is very similar to Maureen but she does not nag and make him feel so lowly all the time.

“Telephone Scatalogia – sexual arousal from making obscene phone calls to strangers”

Sam & Monica – Monica works as a telephone operator for the hearing impaired. It is a video hotline where the operators are expected to interpret/translate for the deaf/mute person on the video call to the person they intend to call on the telephone line. Sam, the hearing-impaired client who calls Video Relay, asks to be connected, much to Monica’s surprise, to an adult hotline.

The couples’ lives are connected somewhat briefly due to the newly-settled neighbour, Steve, who is “required by Federal Law to inform you that I am a convicted sex offender.” He goes from house to house introducing himself and presenting to his neighbours a rare golliwog cookie (I have to admit, I had to look that one up) presumably to distract them from his spiel as mentioned above.

I enjoyed watching the movie simply because this concept is entirely new to me. I’ve heard of such things but I’ve never seen it on film, much less presented in such a way. The scenes I found to be most hilarious was Sam & Monica’s due to the awkwardness of the situation and it made for a very hilarious setup.

NinthMelody rating: 3/5



nickname2We all have nicknames. Unless your name is a one-syllable, easy to pronounce, common name like John or Sue or something then, maybe not. There are times when our parents give us a distinct nickname that we don’t know where it was derived from. It could be a totally out of this world, immensely embarrassing nickname but we accept it because it’s a term of endearment from them and it would be terrifying if they use any other name to address you. (That would mean you’re in deep, deep trouble. RUN.)

There are times, however, when someone, may it be a friend, an acquaintance or just a random person who hears other people call you by a certain nickname and they assume that you are okay with them using that nickname. Well, NO! I do not approve of you calling me by the nickname my parents gave me. It’s THEIRS. No one has the right to call me that, unless I give you the permission. I have the right to refuse. It’s my name after all.

Not that I would ever actually call people out on this. I would just cringe everytime someone else uses a certain nickname given to me by close friends and family members.

Tip: Just use people’s normal names unless explicitly told not to. If they introduce themselves as *insert name here,* then call them that. Don’t go mimicking nicknames from other people. It’s not for you.


Have you ever gone for a job interview and they made you wait for hours just so one hiring officer could ask you a few questions for a few minutes? Or have you ever gone for a meeting and been asked to wait a long time because the person you were supposed to meet is not ready yet? Yeah, not cool.

Now, let me ask you…

Have you ever made anyone wait for you because you were not ready, you were busy, you forgot, you were late, etc?

Yeah, well NOT COOL!

Sometimes we fail to realize that we do to others the same things we hate being done to us. Ever heard of the Golden Rule? It comes in many forms and I don’t even know which one is the original anymore but basically, it goes something like: Treat Others The Way You Would Like To Be Treated. There are so many versions but they all mean the same thing.

If every single person on the planet acted in accordance to this Golden Rule, the world would be a significantly safer, more pleasant place to live in. We know that this is not the case. What we can do though is to start with ourselves. Let us live by this rule. Encourage the people around us to. Show them through example and hopefully, this can start a cycle that will exponentially grow. This is a small step to a bigger hope for tomorrow.

Ariana Grande.

This girl has a killer voice. She’s like a dolphin. I can’t fathom how she can reach such high notes. Tell me the truth, she’s actually a dolphin isn’t she?

Anyway, this post is not about her or her voice. I was listening to her album on my iPod when I noticed something weird about the album art.


Is it an optical illusion or a photoshop FAIL? If that’s really what her legs/feet look like, then she must really be a dolphin.

[BOOK] The End of Mr. Y

51i+dPRUzYLI remember buying this book at a book sale in school (years ago). I bought The End of Mr. Y, Pop Co., Train Man and The Memoirs of a Geisha. It’s been years since I’ve told myself that I would finish this book and only now did I manage to do so.

This book is about Ariel Manto, an English Literature PhD student doing a paper on the works of the 19th century writer, Thomas Lumas. It has been said that Lumas’ book, The End of Mr. Y, is cursed in that every person who has read it, turns up dead. This theory can’t be proven given that this particular book is extremely rare. When Ariel stumbles upon this supposedly cursed book at a used bookshop, she can hardly believe her luck. She then spends most of her money just to buy the book, not caring how she would survive for the next few weeks. Through this book, she learns of a world where one can take on the consciousness of another person, see through someone else’s eyes and be in that person’s mind. The book mentions of a way to conjure up this said potion that would allow one to travel to people’s minds. The page, however, is missing.

I’m not gonna go on any further to prevent giving out any more “spoilers.” The book has its ups and downs. The first half of the book was a struggle for me. It was dragging, in my opinion, and could’ve been more exciting. The second half was more enjoyable I guess because this is where the action starts. However, there was still something missing and I didn’t expect it to be so, can I say childish? I mean, I’m getting that it’s a Young Adult book and it actually has languages pertaining to sexual thoughts so it’s NOT entirely for children. However, the whole mouse greek God thing just sounds something from a kiddy cartoon. (Reminds me of Biker Mice from Mars.) It’s such a contrast to the whole quantum physics, relativity theory and all those complicated science stuff that is discussed throughout the book.

Did I like it? Not so much. There are some pretty interesting thoughts and ideas though that makes one think. You may or may not believe or agree with those thoughts and ideas but it’s still a fascinating way to look at in such a perspective.

NinthMelody rating: 2.5/5

[MOVIE] Taken 3.


Yesterday, I watched this movie with a couple of friends. We weren’t actually planning on watching this since we haven’t watched the second one. Our plan was to watch Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb but when we got to the ticket booth, they informed us that there were only a few seats left right at the front. So we decided it was a NO DEAL and opted for TAKEN 3 instead.

I watched the first one and I thought it was pretty tense and exciting. I mean, imagine having your daughter kidnapped in a foreign country. What would you do? Go save her, of course. It doesn’t matter if it’s “me against the world.” I am invincible. That’s pretty much Bryan Mills’ character. On the first movie, Bryan’s daughter, Kim, gets kidnapped and made into a sex slave so he scours the whole country (or continent, I forget, he would’ve searched the whole universe if he had to) just to find her. He finds her. Happy ending. Sort of.

But wait, there’s more. According to the trailer of TAKEN 2, the wife gets kidnapped this time. The bad guys from the first movie take revenge on Bryan for killing their men. It’s payback time! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to watch this one. But it’s a predictable storyline so I’m guessing, he saved her too. Well, he must have since Leonore (the wife) is still in the third installment. For a short while.

The third movie is a slightly different concept from the first two. Taken 1 and 2 both have Bryan searching for his kidnapped loved ones, torturing and killing anyone who gets in his way. Taken 3 is about Bryan trying to clear his name after he was set up for killing his ex-wife (Leonore). Leonore gets “TAKEN” and ends up dead inside Bryan’s apartment. He sees the knife that was used to slice open his ex-wife’s throat, picks it up and yes, the cops come and catches him red handed. Obviously, he was set up so he jumps from the window to escape and the chase begins. This time, instead of Bryan chasing bad guys to retrieve his daughter/wife, he is chasing the trail of his wife’s murder.

It has pretty predictable plot twists but the action scenes will keep you entertained. It’s great how he can take on waves of cops and bad guys and still come out in tip-top shape and that’s just a little too convenient for the plot. I like how he just casually strolls and walks about despite being tailed by dozens of cops. Now that’s what you call “swag.” Learn from that J.B.

This was an OK movie. Too predictable in my opinion though. I’m just wondering if there’s gonna be “T4KEN“.

NinthMelody rating: 2.75/5

[MOVIE] The Monuments Men.


The Monuments Men. I haven’t read the book. I’m not really into historical non-fiction but if someone gave me the book, I might read it. I watched the movie last night though. What did I think of it? It was OK. Let it be known that when I say OK, what I really mean is: I didn’t hate it but I didn’t particularly like it either. OK.

The whole idea is pretty interesting. Imagine people who would risk their lives searching for art in order to save them, to preserve them for the benefit of the whole humanity and the future. Very admirable, indeed. As far as the movie goes though, it was lacking something. I can’t pinpoint what it is.

Action? Hmm.. The settings of the movie is during the World War II, it should have action. I honestly don’t remember any such scenes. I can’t say they should’ve added this or that since that’s probably not what happened but I need to see something spectacular. It’s a movie for crying out loud.

Maybe it has something to do with the cast and the way they presented the poster, I was expecting something more in the lines of Ocean’s Eleven. A heist that requires much calculation, wit and suspense. Sure, they discussed about the possible places the art may have been stored in but there’s no suspense or am I the only one who did not feel it? There weren’t even any sort of obstacle before they found the hidden, stolen art. It was just there. Right where they thought it might be.

I understand they had to work within the limits of the true series of events but it’s a movie. It’s supposed to make me want to continue watching the movie. It’s supposed to reel me in.

Anyway, what I liked about the movie? The message. We are our history. What would we be if we don’t protect what we were? The proof of our existence, our stories lie within the art of our time. Without them, we lose our mark in this world. There would be nothing left for us to be remembered by.

NinthMelody rating: 2.5/5