[MOVIE] The Voices.

thevoicesposterlargeThis dark comedy movie starring Ryan Reynolds sounds pretty creepy when you first hear about the premise. I admit I was a bit disturbed while watching but the interesting part is it was made in such a manner that you would feel sympathy/empathy towards the character of Jerry, despite him being a murderer.

Jerry works at Milton Fixture & Faucet. He suffers from schizophrenia which makes him hear “voices” namely from his dog, Bosco and his cat, Mr. Whiskers. Due to some unfortunate series of events, he kills his co-worker, Fiona, whose dismembered head he ends up storing in his refrigerator. Given his schizophrenic condition, Jerry hallucinates conversing with Fiona’s head who tells him she needs a friend as it gets lonely inside the fridge. Mr. Whiskers eggs him on to kill another person but Bosco, his voice of reason, tells him not to.

It is hilarious to see the interactions among Jerry and his pets as it not only brings out the lighter mood of the movie, it is also a great contrast to its darker and morbid tone. His pets serve as his good and bad conscience who adversely affect his decisions. He even blames his cat for making him kill people. Jerry’s character is actually quite lovable and the audience would find it easy to empathise with him. If only he weren’t a murderer. It’s hard to weigh in on whether he’s good or evil because most of the time he means well, his intentions are good but on the other hand, he kills people. Okay so maybe killing people does make him evil but he’s so cute and looks so innocent. I can’t be a jury. I would be too superficial. If this protagonist were played by someone less cute and hot, I bet hands down, I would not sympathise with the character. haha…

Have I mentioned Anna Kendrick in this movie? She’s awesome. One of my ultimate girl crushes so since she is in this movie, it automatically earns a rating of 3+. ;P

NinthMelody rating: 3.75/5

Here’s the trailer for The Voices:


[BOOK] The First Phone Call From Heaven.

One of my favorite books is “Five People You Meet In Heaven” by Mitch Albom. I really enjoyed the way it was presented so it’s not a surprise that I enjoyed reading “The First Phone Call From Heaven” as well. It’s obvious what this book is about: People getting phone calls from heaven. At least that’s what people think it is. A number of people from the town of Coldwater, Michigan start receiving calls from departed loved ones. The question is: Is it real or not?

17888952At first I had a difficult time following the names of the characters. Since there were a number of them introduced who were receiving calls from beyond, there were times when I got lost in the sea of names but after awhile I got used to it, thankfully. One of the main key characters, Sully Harding, a former airforce pilot who was recently released from jail, had a very interesting backstory that just makes you feel for his loss and unfortunate circumstance. It makes you realize that there really are times when some people are not as guilty as everything in the world makes them out to be.

There is always another side to a story. For most part of the book, we are treated with Sully’s misfortune via a series of puzzle flashbacks. Albom didn’t want to straightaway give us the whole story. He wanted us to be curious. To want to know more about it like you were seeking the meaning of life. In my opinion, the series of events were revealed nicely in sizeable amounts. I also like how Sully’s story was resolved or wrapped up with a massive revelation about his unfortunate accident in the past (one that changed his life forever) through the other person’s perspective. It gives much more meaning to the circumstances and that gives you a wider view of the whole picture so things fell into place which was quite satisfying.

I’m not even going to delve into the religious side of this book. I don’t think it’s necessary to look too much into that. It’s a work of fiction that wants to make you believe in a higher power and the promise of salvation when you are in the right path. It is what it is and that’s perfectly fine.

NinthMelody rating: 3.75/5

[TV] iZombie.


I have decided to start watching and following this new CW series called iZombie. No, it is nothing like Walking Dead (or so I think because I do not watch The Walking Dead). I simply saw that it came from the creators of “Veronica Mars” and I was sold. I looooove Veronica Mars. It’s unfortunate though that I only started watching it yearsss after it ended. Nevertheless, it was a good experience and to add to that, I only needed to wait a year after I finished the series for the movie. Sweet!

Anyway, the story of iZombie so far is about Liv (the zombie in the poster) who was formerly a successful medical resident with a gorgeous fiancé until her whole life changed one fateful night at a boat party. She wakes up inside a body bag, with a “zombie scratch.” Forward to months later where she lives as an assistant at a precinct morgue where she ingests victims’ brains for survival as a semi-normal being. She retains her humanity by consuming brains at least once a month where in the process, she gets “visions” of the lives of the person whose brain she just ate. She then helps her detective friend, Clive Babineaux solve the crimes the victims are involved in.

Just by looking at the characters and the premise, it already gives off a Veronica Mars feeling. I hope it does well in the ratings game because it’s the nearest thing we have to the VMars dose we’ve been longing for.

[MOVIE] Paddington.

Over the weekend, I downloaded and watched a bunch of movies. I was bored and I just decided to watch the first one that finishes. Hence, I watched PADDINGTON. If you don’t know what this movie is about, it’s about a bear… that talks… in a British accent too. The bear speaks better English than me! hahaha…

paddington_bear_ver4_xlgThe movie starts with a narration by the “explorer” who was in an expedition in the forest of Darkest Peru. There, he meets with a couple of bears whom he teaches about life in London and even how to speak English. Years after the explorer has left, the bears, Pastuzo and Lucy, together with a young bear, dream of a trip to London where they would be welcomed by the people as promised by their beloved explorer. A natural disaster strikes upon the forest where “Uncle Pastuzo” dies. Stricken with grief, Aunt Lucy and the young bear set on a trip to London to find a new home with the explorer. Aunt Lucy decides to leave the young bear on his own to find a new home as she believes she is too old to go on an adventure.

The young bear arrives in London and finds himself lost in a train station, the Paddington station. This is where he meets a family who gives him the name Paddington (surprise!). The father, Mr. Brown, is very reluctant at first to let the bear stay with his family and insists that they surrender him to the authorities first thing the next morning. Mrs. Brown, however, can’t help but feel sorry for Paddington and decides to help him look for the “explorer.”

The movie is very entertaining, I must say. Paddington is such a loveable character with his politeness ever so charming that if I had to choose between Paddington and the average kid out there, I would definitely go with Paddington. He gives the word “polite” a whole new meaning as this is a virtue that some people are slowly starting to forget or are merely brushing off with no regard. Is this a movie for the kids? Definitely. Should adults watch this? Sure, why not? It’s never a bad thing to want to feel good and young and this movie would definitely make you feel both. If you’re looking for something more realistic, then stay away. This movie is not made for that. It’s about a bear that talks, for crying out loud. Of course, it’s not realistic.

By the way, Peter Capaldi is in this movie. For Doctor Who fans out there, woohoo! No, he does not act as the Doctor in here but it’s just cool to see him as a different character.

NinthMelody rating: 3.75/5


P.S. This was such a cute scene. 

Anna Akana.

Yeah, she’s awesome. The first video of Anna Akana’s that I watched was the one with the makeup tutorial. It was all over my newsfeed one day so I was like, “What is up with this make-up tutorial? Lemme check it out.” And the rest was history. I was hooked. Her content is awesome, smart and motivational. If you haven’t seen her videos, go check them out here.

[MOVIE] Insurgent.

Oh wow, I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I last posted. I blame work. I haven’t been able to finish the book I’ve been reading either because of work engagements. But now that the event we’ve been working on is over, I finally had time to go out and unwind. My friends and I decided to watch Insurgent, the sequel to the Divergent.

Insurgent-officialposter2It basically starts exactly where the Divergent movie left off. Tris, Four, Caleb and Peter are on the run, trying to hide from the minions of Jeanine. I have not read the book so I don’t know how faithful the movie had been to it. In terms of entertainment value, the movie was interesting enough, more so than the first one, Divergent, I would say. I still find the whole idea of Factions, Faction-less and Divergents quite odd.

When I watched the Divergent, I thought the whole idea of having a test to find out what faction you should be in yet having the liberty to choose where you want to belong, was really pointless. The test also tells you if the subject is a Divergent yet there’s really no way of “capturing” them right there at the test area. It sure would have caused less problems for them. Anyway, another gripe I have with the dystopian world of the Divergent series is that they are living in a destroyed environment. They are capable of building such majestic buildings yet they don’t even try to rebuild their surroundings. What is up with that? That’s like putting on fresh, formal clothes without taking a shower after rolling around in the mud. Also, they are curious about the “outside world,” having lived within the confines of a wall (a wall that was completely crossable by the way) but no one ever thought of actually crossing it? Well, at least until the “Founding Fathers” instructed them to do so, to explore the outside world.

Like I said, I don’t know how it is in the book and I don’t know if these questions will be answered in the next movie but so far, these are my observations which, to be honest, affects my perception of the movie. I can’t fully appreciate it with these questions lingering in the back of my mind.

I will definitely watch the sequel because I NEED ANSWERS! If they are not answered, then I would have to read the book to get to the bottom of this. If that doesn’t do it, then there’s something wrong with the story. hahaha…

NinthMelody rating: 3/5