[MOVIE] Captain America: Civil War

Captain-America-Civil-War-main-posterCaptain America = Chris Evans = Team Cap all the way! I have nothing against Iron Man but yeah, I’m Team Cap no doubt.

If you haven’t watched this, WATCH IT ASAP! It’s more of an Avengers movie than a Captain America movie. Most of the Avengers characters return plus more. It was awesome, I love it.

As we all know, (even those who have not watched it) Captain America and Iron Man have a rift due to difference in opinions. Half of the Avengers side with Iron Man, half with Captain America. Both sides also eventually “recruit” other superheroes like Spiderman, Ant-Man, Black Panther, etc.

What I loved about the movie is that I understood where both sides were coming from. They both had a point and actually had understandable arguments. They were fighting for what they believed in and despite being in the opposite sides of the coin, they were both actually looking out for the welfare of the Avengers team.

I don’t plan on making an in depth review of the movie. I simply want to state how much I like this movie, thus, go WATCH IT NOW (if you haven’t already, I know it’s late)!

NinthMelody rating: 8.5/10


[MOVIE] Deadpool.

Oh wow… It’s been awhile since my last post. I have a pretty good reason. I was busy packing and moving.. moving countries. No big deal. LOL I am now back in my home country which is a good change of scenery. It’s been awhile since I “lived” here.

deadpool-poster-8Anyway, DEADPOOL. I watched this way back in February when it was still showing in the cinemas. There’s a big possibility I’ve forgotten most of what happened. But I do know that I enjoyed the humor and of course, Ryan Reynolds. However, I gotta say that the first few minutes of the movie were either boring or I was just too tired to concentrate. So I kinda dozed off for a bit. haha.. I still love you, Ryan Reynolds.

I’ve never read any of the MARVEL Comic Books so I don’t know anything at all about the background of Deadpool’s character. The first time I encountered Deadpool was in one of the previous movies of Wolverine. I was confused as to how Deadpool from there would be incorporated in this new movie but I guess that won’t happen. The way Deadpool came to be in the two movies are completely different so they can’t possibly be related at all. I would just have to delete that memory of Deadpool from the Wolverine movie. *selected memory successfully deleted*

Deadpool was so meant to be played by Ryan Reynolds. The way Ryan Reynolds is when he is being interviewed is exactly how Deadpool is (minus the killings) – sarcastic, witty and funny. I love how Marvel movies always incorporate humor and color to their movies. It might seem a bit childish, but if you watched Deadpool, you’d know it’s nowhere near child-friendly. Believe me. I wouldn’t want to watch this with my parents. AWKWARD. 

Compared to Ant-Man, I would say I enjoyed Ant-Man more because of its funny supporting characters. Ant-Man sucked me in from the beginning ’til the end. With Deadpool, however, I almost dozed off in the first half of the movie. (The intro was hilarious though)

All in all, Deadpool is still definitely a must-watch especially if you want to get into the whole Marvel universe. (He wasn’t in Captain America: CIVIL WAR though. Bummer.)

NinthMelody rating: 8/10