[BOOK] Daughters of the Dragon.

20925858.jpg“Daughters of the Dragon” was on sale on Amazon Books so I did the only reasonable thing: I purchased it. I actually didn’t really know what the book was about before even purchasing it. The title seemed interesting and that was it. The part where it says “A COMFORT WOMAN’S STORY” did not even stand out to me since it’s really hard to see such details on a Kindle Paperwhite.

This book surprised me because it tells the story of a comfort woman named Jae-Hee who was only 14 years old when the Japanese ordered her and her sister to be sent to a camp where young Korean girls would serve as comfort women for the Japanese soldiers during World War II. It’s disgusting to think that these Japanese soldiers abused these young women and forced them to “serve” for the sake of Japan. I was actually ignorant of the history and the events that transpired in Korea during World War II.

My country, being a former Japanese colony as well, was also a victim of the evil acts of the Japanese soldiers and government back in the day. In fact, my maternal grandmother bore a deep scar on her chest where she was struck by a harpoon-like gun when they were captured by the Japanese. It was also during that time where my grandmother’s brother was killed by the Japanese. To be honest, I’ve forgotten about these facts and I was only reminded about them when I read “Daughters of the Dragon.” Even though the stories were completely different from what my ancestors went through, the story of Jae-Hee as a comfort woman, as a lost Korean in her own land, as a single mother; similar stories are abundant throughout history but they have been forgotten, ignored. This book is a great reminder that such cruelty happened to these people and it’s hopefully a lesson that we learn from; that we don’t repeat the same mistakes and we don’t let it happen again.


This book was purely fictional according to the author, William Andrews, but was based on historical facts. That fact makes it all the more terrible as it is stated that the existence of the comfort women is being denied by the Japanese government which all the more makes it harder for the survivors to seek the deserved justice. What this book does is it creates awareness that hopefully someday these victims receive the justice they have been looking for.

NinthMelody rating: 8/10