[MOVIE] Maze Runner: The Death Cure.

Maze-Runner-Death-Cure-poster-5-600x889The final instalment to the Maze Runner series is finally upon us. So I watched it.

I don’t think I can talk about The Death Cure without mentioning any spoilers so read on only if you’ve watched the movie or don’t mind reading some major spoilers.


From The Scorch Trials, we found out that Teresa betrayed them all by calling the WCKD team and informing them of their whereabouts, causing Minho to be captured while Teresa decided to join the WCKD research team once again. The Death Cure opens with Thomas, Newt, Fry and others trying to intercept a WCKD train, transporting children, which they believe Minho is in. They successfully hijack the train but alas, no Minho inside. Bummer.

They believe Minho was taken to one of the last standing cities in the world where the WCKD headquarters is situated. So, of course, they try to break into the city and into the building to try and save their friend. It’s not as easy as it seems because surrounding the city is a big wall much like the one that encapsulated the maze from the first movie. This is where they find the help of a former acquaintance whom they thought already died – Gally. Yep, that annoying kid in the first movie. He has grown up quite a bit into a badass guy and he willingly helps his former friends to break into the walled city.

Fast forward to the implementation of their planned heist, they use Teresa to get into the building, whom they “kidnapped” by the way using Thomas as bait. They free more children being held by WCKD but still no Minho. After a bit of a chase, they eventually find Minho and they all try to escape the building together. Unfortunately, Newt’s condition worsens. I may have forgotten to mention that Newt was bitten by a Crank while they were on their way to the city. It turns out he was not immune to the virus as opposed to their previous theory that all the kids inside the maze were insusceptible to the infection. MAJOR SPOILER: He doesn’t make it. =(

While all this is happening, Teresa is up at the lab, examining Thomas’ blood sample to check out her theory that his blood could be the cure they were looking for. She noticed that Brenda, who was infected before, is showing no signs of being infected any longer despite only getting a shot of the “vaccine” months before with Thomas’ blood in it. She fully believes that Thomas’ blood is the missing agent to formulate the cure. So through an “intercom” broadcasted to the whole city, she calls Thomas to come to her so they can save Newt and the whole world. By then, Newt was already transforming into a full-blown Crank.

Thomas decides to go to Teresa but in the process, he gets abducted by Janson, the typical bad guy of WCKD, determined to profit off of the “cure” from Thomas’ blood. To keep it short, he doesn’t succeed and is devoured by Cranks. Yay Cranks! Unfortunately, Thomas gets shot at and as hellfire blazes all around (because of civil riot and mass city take-over by a group of rebels), he and Teresa find themselves trapped on the building rooftop with nowhere to go. It couldn’t possibly end there so of course, Vince to the rescue (the leader of the group that took them in back in Scorch Trials). Thomas manages to get on board but to make it more dramatic, Teresa gets left behind on the rooftop as the others watch on as the building collapses with her falling to her death all the while maintaining eye contact with Thomas. I mean, how terrible is that.

You must be waiting for the ending. Will Thomas survive the gunshot wound and the devastation of losing Teresa?

He does.

He wakes up in some island where we see a hopeful scene of people trying to build a community from the ground up. They lost many friends but there’s hope for them, far away from the grasp of WCKD or any other civilization for that matter.


So what about the cure? Nothing.

What about the other people? Doomed.

Basically, they just abandoned everything and sailed far away from wherever that was, settled in a deserted island and decided to build a new community there. It’s an ending that brings hope to a better future but I find that everything they did was such a waste. They could’ve just done that from the very beginning. Abandon the search for the “cure” and just live in isolation. How exactly did they know that the virus would not reach them there? It is airborne, after all (as revealed by Ava).

As a whole, the movie was actually quite enjoyable especially with the well-executed action scenes. The effects were flawless. The setting, very dystopian. The story, too predictable and not satisfying. I miss the fuzzy-feeling you get after a good ending like the ending of “Warm Bodies.” Although, the title of the movie did give a sort of warning that hey, there could be a “death” in the movie, be warned..

All in all, the movie in itself was good and enjoyable. Not a dull moment.

As a conclusion to a series, it leaves much to be desired. I haven’t read the book and I don’t remember why Thomas was sent to the maze in the first place but why wasn’t he “checked” or “examined” if his blood was compatible as a cure? If anyone has an explanation, please do let me know because I am sincerely curious.

NinthMelody rating: 8/10


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